Winners 15 Tipster Review

Tipster Review: Winners 15

Predicting the outcome of any Lucky 15 bet can be a hugely profitable business, regardless of which sporting activity is being bet upon.

Horse racing provides the largest market for Lucky 15 betting with punters able to bet on races, all day, every day and Winners 15 are one of the leading Lucky 15 specific tipster services.

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Winners 15 Background:

Winners 15 launched in February 2015 and have become part of the BetFan group. This collaboration has raised their profile and allowed them to connect with more punters.

Since their inception, Winners 15 have consistently produced results for their punters for 5 years. Betting on Lucky 15’s by its very nature is low risk; high reward and Winners 15 were one of the first tipster exponents of that betting technique.

Winners 15 offer 4 subscription options: Weekly – $12, Monthly – $36, Quarterly – $101 and Six Months $171 – offering something for all levels of bettor.

Key Statistics:

With hugely fluctuating numbers over the 5 years, Winners 15 have done extremely well to maintain an impressive Average Monthly Profit of $103.532

The current return on investment across the 5 years for Winners 15 is 8.75% which is impressive in the context of the company’s longevity and the nature of their bets.

Betting on Lucky 15’s is generally one of the toughest betting techniques as all 15 outcomes have to be achieved within one bet to receive the maximum pay out. Winners 15 has a strike rate of 3.55% which for Lucky 15 betting is more than respectable.


Winners 15 have found a niche in the market that they have exposed expertly since their launch in February 2015. With punters getting access to daily Lucky 15 tips, it allows followers to adopt a low risk; high reward strategy that can bring about life-changing sums of money if successful. Betting on Lucky 15’s should always be done with an element of caution as the likelihood of winning consistently is very low and punters should look to be savvy when adopting the approach but following Winners 15 is a shrewd move for those looking to win big on UK horse racing.

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