Pinnacle Racing Tips Review

Home of expert racing tipsters Betting Gods have a new horse racing accumulator expert on their books.

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If you’re not familiar with Betting Gods they are a reputable horse racing tipster outfit that fully tests out the tipsters before unleashing them on the market.

When looking at a new tipster the main stats you should look for are strike rate and ROI. Strike Rate because no one wants a tipster who doesn’t win often and ROI, because the whole point of gambling is make a profit right?

Pinnacle Racing Tips has a healthy 21.43% ROI. A good rule of thumb is this. 10% ROI is good, 15% is excellent, anything over 20% is really top drawer and a pro tipster.

Strike rate for Pinnacle Racing Tips is 26.16%, I would prefer 30% but given the ROI, 26.16% is very good with 1 in 4 bets winning on average.

The bets per month are 60-70 which is around the perfect amount. Not too little not too much. I don’t like tipsters who put 8 bets out a day, its kind of a “hit and hope” strategy and is often frustrating to follow and prone to huge losses.

Another pet hate of mine is those who think you can’t make money backing favourites. Its simply not true. Back a fave at SP, and you’ll lose. But with careful selection its relatively easy to make money backing the right favourites.

Click here to Access Pinnacle Racing Tips for Just £1

Pinnacle Racing Tips backs at fairly short prices with some single bets. but also gets value by trebling up bets and doing trixies. Trixies involve 4 doubles and 1 treble. So you cover more angles than a simple treble.

How this bet would work is say you back 3 bets at EVENS in a trixie and they all won for £40 you would make £160 profit. If however 1 bet lost you would break even (payout of 1 double is £40). If all lose your £40 down (assuming £10 a point)

For these kind of profit figures I would usually expect higher odds bets, the profit is achieved by compouding short priced favourites as a treble of 3 EVENS horses winning is 7/1.

For those who like accas and like to win often Pinnacle Racing Tips seems a great option.

Decent horse racing tipsters who do accumulators are thin on the ground, sure Twitter is full of them, but they are generally very poor and only interested in making money for the bookies.

You can trial this tipster for £1 which is an absolute bargain given you can expect on average £319.48 at £10 a point a month.

Click here to Access Pinnacle Racing Tips for Just £1

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