Super Lucky 15 Review

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Super Lucky 15 is a service that (you’ve guessed it!) focuses on giving you Lucky 15 tips.

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If you need a brief reminder a lucky 15 bet is a 4-fold bet in which you bet a combined 15 bets as follows…

4 singles
6 Doubles
4 Trebles
1 Quad

So if they are win you get the highest payout, if one loses you get the second highest payout and so forth with the lowest payout (and likely a loss) if you only get 1 single correct.

The profits can be HUGE e.g a Lucky 15 of 4 bets winning at 2/1 would pay out £265.50 in profit from a £15 bet.

Super Lucky 15 is having an exceptional year and is in fact the top performer from the Betfan tipster stable.

The profits for the year at £10 a point stakes are a staggering £52224.90.

This is a very exciting service as it gives you HUGE jackpot days, the kind you can usually only dream of. The author James was inspired to set up the service after landing a £28,000 winner from ONE Lucky 15 bet.

So if you play the lottery, this may well be a better alternative. Remember you can stake what ever you like, so it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Having a quick look at the results for the month this review is being written and it only takes until the 7th of the month for a winner to hit.

And its BIG!

As well as Lucky 15, they do Lucky 31s (5 selections rather than 4)

Well they only managed to hit 4/5 at odds of 9/4, 11/4, 5/1 & 6/1.

That’s a staggering £1098.50 profit from a £15 bet!!

Now if that 1000 point profit wasn’t quite enough the total profit for the last 22 days of the month is 1733.76 points. That’s right £15 Lucky 15/31 bets would have netted you almost £2,000 in profit. Want more? Increase those bets to £30 and that’s £4,000 in a month!

I’ve seen a lot of tipsters over the years, but this is just stupidly good. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but hitting multiples of those odds again and again makes this guy a genius in my book and one you ALL should follow.

Forget Bitcoin, Super Lucky 15 is the real storming success!

For the best deal get yourself a 3 month membership. To be honest I can’t believe the price. For 3 months its £25 a month which I think is about half the price what this service could demand. Go grab a bargain and get ready for those huge jackpot wins!

Click Here to Join Super Lucky 15 – Get 90 Days access & Save 37.5%

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