Half-Time Full-Time Betting Strategy

Halftime/Full time betting is one of the most lucrative ways you can earn money by betting. This type of betting requires you to recognize those games and play a combination of outcomes at both half time and full time. To gain control of this betting could mean big winnings for you, because the research for this is pretty much available online and you can easily profit from it.

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There are several options you can choose when deciding to bet like this. One of the most used bets is of course 1/1, which means the host will win both halves (in this case the halves are not viewed independently from another, so a 1-0 result is a winning one). This can come in great use, when a clear favorite is present in the game. The favorite will most likely break the deadlock at the beginning and then hold on to the lead, or maybe score more goals. The same strategy applies if the favorite is a guest, but this time you write in 2/2.

In a game that will hold out to a draw at end of both halves, X/X is your bet. This might be the hardest bet out there, since it is already hard enough as it is to predict a draw, so predicting two halves is tricky. Besides, the odds on this bet are not high enough for the risk, so beware.

Most lucrative offer in halftime/full time bets is certainly the 1 / 2 bets or 2/1 bets. This means the game will go to a complete turnaround and that the leading team at halftime will eventually lose his lead in favor of the guest team or opposite. This bet usually gives very big odds and sometimes can go upwards of 25/1 in favor. To find these bets is extremely hard, so you must dig deep into statistics to find a chance that some match will offer this bet at the end.

What also carries little risk, but can give you money is the combination of a draw at halftime, but a win at the second half. This can be advised to matches, where there is a favorite, but they are cautious and might not open in the first half. Knockout tournaments are a good example for this betting, as some times just decide to wait until the second half to react.

Half/time full time bets can be lucrative for bettors, but finding the right one can be very hard. The most used bet is definitely the 1/1 or 2/2 combination, because a favorite will very rarely leave it open after the first 90 minutes.

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