How To Bet on Premier League Total Points Betting

Few leagues in world football possess the appeal and excitement of the English Premier League and consequently, there are a whole host of betting markets associated with the Premier League.

Manchester City have dominated the league in recent years, winning three of the last 4 titles on offer but with the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United all having tasted glory in the Premier League era.

Betting on the total number of points a certain side wins in a given season can be not only a lucrative punt, but also a rollercoaster of a bet, which can play out over 10 months and 38 matches.

Most bookmakers offer two types of Premier League Total Points bets:-

  • Antepost – Start of the season bet – Betting on how many points a team will win at the start of the season often yields the best odds, as teams haven’t been seen in action yet and punters and bookmakers don’t have as many betting reference points
  • In Play – Betting once the season has begun – Having a punt once the season is underway is often less lucrative, as bookies have a better idea of the level each team are at, but it can also help players make a more informed decision.

Whilst the usual list of suspects are always in contention when it comes to winning the league, betting on the amount of points a side wins throughout the season is often a tricky bet to negotiate.

40 points was always seen as the holy grail for sides when it comes to staying in the division, which all of the teams look to tick off at the start of the season – with those sides predicting a relegation scrap always looking to reach that milestone as quickly as possible.

For the sides battling it out at the top of the division, their points haul isn’t as important – with the need to lift the Premier League trophy/reach the Champions League far greater but of course, the more points a team wins, the more chance they have of achieving their goals.

Things to look out for when Premier League Total Points betting: 

Study the Form – Teams invariably are always looking to improve upon last seasons points haul and getting a read from how a side performed last season can always inform punters heading into the next campaign. Incoming and outgoing transfers and managerial changes can also impact heavily on how a team performs each season and the accompanying odds offered out by the bookmakers.

Take Risks – Playing it safe with a bet that lasts 38 games/10 months, doesn’t present value for money for punters. Antepost/long term bets should always carry an element of risk, on the basis that if things aren’t working out as planned, they can always be laid off/cashed out if needs be. Betting on a side for the duration of a season can yield a rollercoaster of emotions and punters need to be comfortable dealing with the highs and the lows.

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