Correct Score Betting

Correct Score Betting

Successfully winning a bet by predicting the correct score has got to be one of the most satisfying moments among football bettors. Selecting the right result is challenging enough for most punters, so adding this dimension makes it all the more challenging. This is a market best left to knowledgeable bettors who generally make good decisions.

High Risk – High Reward

No matter what final score you predict, there are certain to be long odds that could be applied to your stake. You should never settle for odds of less than 5/1 when predicting the correct score. There are countless sports betting sites that will be waiting to offer odds that are more realistic.

Limits of Statistics

Statistics can only get you so far in correct score betting. You can evaluate everything at your disposal and still have no clear idea as to the correct score. When making these bets, you have to acknowledge that you are taking a huge risk. The best times for correct score bets would be important games such as cup finals. Typically, there is plenty of time to focus on the build-up and to develop a perspective based on reviewing pre-match analysis.

Example of Covering the Risk

During José Mourinho’s first reign as Chelsea manager, his side played with a very tight defence and were usually content to sit back once they had a 1-nil lead. This is a prime example of identifying teams that could help deliver on correct score bets.

Right, so let’s say that you back Chelsea with £10 to beat Aston Villa 1-nil away from home. At odds of 6/1, that £10 stake will deliver winnings of £60 if you are correct. From the defensive perspective, the bet looks great because you fully expect Chelsea to keep a clean sheet.

However, there is a real concern here because Chelsea could perhaps knock a second goal in to wreck the bet. This is where you would attempt to cover the risk of Chelsea winning 2-nil instead of 1-nil. In that case, a £10 stake on 2-nil at odds of 7/1 would deliver winnings of £70.

Looking back on that strategy, there would be a £10 loss because both results can’t occur. Nevertheless, it would prove to be astute decision if you manage to win with the insurance bet. Correct score bets have high enough odds to make this an appealing strategy, but only if you are relatively certain of the score. This will not work for highly unpredictable games.

Combining Correct Score Bets

This final piece of advice is for the more advanced bettors willing to put in greater effort. A popular strategy rising among bettors is to select four correct scores from the same game, which is similar to the above example but with a higher stake required. For instance, you might want to also cover Chelsea to beat Aston Villa 2-1 and 3-nil.

Alternatively, you can instead pick the correct from four different games. The rationale is that getting one result right will cover the losses from the other games. If you can pick at least one correct result from multiple options each week then you might eventually win a huge accumulator if three or all four come in. However, this strategy is incredibly tough and offers greater uncertainty than covering four potential scores in the same game.

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