Goal King Tipster Review

Football betting is one of the most popular markets across the world with punters often having a vested interest in each match being played.

Goal King is a relatively new tipster on the market that looks to assist the bettor with an array of betting techniques and tips that inflate the bank balances of their followers. 

Goal King Background:

Having launched as an independent football betting tipster, Goal King has continued to grow in notoriety in the UK and beyond – with big money winners and informative insight enticing new followers.

Having launched in April 2020, Goal King has made an instant impact within the market with their daily tips and varied betting strategies offering something for all levels of punter.

Goal King offer 2 pricing options for their customers – with special discounts offered at different times of the year. A monthly subscription with Goal King is £14.95 whilst an annual sign-up costs £179.40 – this is discounted to £67 during January 2021.

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Key Statistics:

Since its launch in April 2020, the Goal King has grown into one of the major players on the football tipster scene and has generated an average monthly profit of £143.89.

With a return on investment of 16.10%, the Goal King has produced a profit in every month in operation so far and has proven themselves to be a consistent tipster for their subscribers. 

And with a strike rate of almost 63%, the Goal King is delivering results on a regular basis, allowing customers to strike a nice balance between winning big and keeping the bank roll ticking. 


In a relatively short period of time, the Goal King has become one of the most recognisable football tipster services available for punters. Despite being an independent operation, their notoriety has grown almost instantly and the strike rate of 63% is nothing short of staggering. Integral to their success is the model of betting on goals within the game, rather than the outcome of a match and with plenty of wins since their inception, Goal King look to have cracked a niche in the market for all levels of player.

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