Draw No Bet Guide

Draw no bet is as simple as it sounds. Football betting sites will remove the prospect of a draw and challenge the player to pick from two winning outcomes. In the event that they win, they will receive their winnings plus stake. A draw will return the stake, while a losing result will see the stake lost.

The obvious appeal of this bet is that it provides a little security in the event that a victory might not occur for your team. These bets can make it easier to tolerate when your team just misses out on victory. You at least have a stake to make your next bet with.

The drawback from draw no bet is that the removal of draws means that the odds of winning are significantly reduced, which means much lower payouts in the event that your team wins. That being said, you can still find opportunities where the payouts will still be 50% of what is on offer for an outright win.

Betting Insurance

Throughout the history of modern football, home teams win more games than away teams. Bookmakers understand that the edge predominantly lies with home teams, which is why they select odds that reflect this actuality. Draw no bet can be a solid option for when you are betting on home teams in premier matchups.

Rivalries like El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona can be ideal for draw no bet. More often than not, each team is viewed as the favourite in their home ground. However, it is has been common for penalties, red cards, and injuries to shake up the course of matches.

When looking at the home wins compared to home losses in La Liga, both sides win at home close to 60% of the time. Then when you compare draws and home losses, these are close to approximately 20% apiece. Therefore, a draw no bet stake of £10 provides a degree of cover in the event that a draw occurs.

For matches between clear favourites and underdogs, the payout odds are majorly slashed for draw no bets that back the favourites. To summarise, it just isn’t worth it to back those teams. You would be much better off backing the favourites to win outright.

However, these types of bets make a lot of sense for matches like El Clásico, where the home favourites have more generous winning odds than against other teams. There is a very real chance to generate winnings with a larger stake. But then you can also offset the stake to minimise the risk of losing it due to an undesirable outcome.


Looking back to the start of the 2014/15 Premier League season, Tottenham and new manager Mauricio Pochettino are faced with a trip to West Ham. Tottenham are the favourites with even odds, driven by the inspiration of a new manager and a superior playing squad.

That’s looking at the positives for Tottenham. In contrast, Pochettino is under pressure to perform better with Tottenham than he did with former side Southampton. Away trips can often prove to be tricky. Even odds on a £10 bet could return £10 in winnings, but that would count for nothing in the event of a draw. Below are the potential outcomes for winning outright and draw no bet:

• Tottenham win @ evens to win outright – £10 returns £10 profit
• Tottenham win @ 1/2 to win on draw no bet – £10 returns £5 profit

There is nothing easier than losing football bets. Covering the risk is the wisest approach for long-term success. Draw no bet is an effective approach under the optimal circumstances.

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