Anytime GoalScorer

Anytime Goalscorer

Placing soccer bets can be a profitable and entertaining experience. Before you start placing any bets, you must be able to take into consideration the huge variety of bets available at the sportsbooks. The anytime goalscorer is an interesting bet type that can prove to be useful if you are doing things right.

This bet is also known as goalscorer or “to score”. While, at first sight, the whole thing might seem simple to understand, it takes a lot of time and experience in order to master a betting strategy that can prove to be successful.

The concept is very simple. What you have to do is to choose one of the players that are part of a soccer match and in case that player scores at least one goal during the 90 minutes, plus the added time, you are a winner. There are a few rules you need to be aware of and the online bookies could implement different rules. This way in case the goal is scored during the extra time, it will not be counted.

If you take an overview look at this bet, you can notice the fact that it’s straightforward. You won’t have any problems understanding exactly what you have to do in order to win it.

Every sports betting expert out there will just love one thing about the anytime goalscorer. First of all this is the gambling where you can have a very low investment and expect to see some high returns. This is happening as the odds offered by the bookies are pretty high, especially since it’s always rather hard to guess before a game starts who will be the player that scores a goal.

In case you want to become a successful soccer sports bettor, then you have to take into consideration researching the teams and the individual players.

There are different rules available, and you need to read them before you place the bets. But the general rules are:

The own goals are not counted. The player must be part of the game, and this means that even if he gets injured and it’s substituted in the first minute of play, your bet will still be considered to be valid. The same principle applies for the players that were introduced by their coach to the game later on. However if the player you selected as the anytime goalscorer never gets on the grass, then the bet is voided, and the money returned to your account.

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