How To Avoid Fraudulent Tipsters

The Internet is full of tipster services and the majority of them claim they provide a long-term winning strategy. In reality, a lot of those are on a lucky streak or even worse, they are trying to scam you. This is why you should be extra careful and not just buy anything you see. Whether it is a Twitter account, a website or something else, there are certain measures that will help you distinguish the genuinely meaningful services from the ones that don’t deserve your attention.

Size Does Matter

One of the most important things is that the service provides a significant amount of data. It is hard to determine a specific number here, but there should be at least 150-200 picks spread over 6 months or more. Anything below that is not enough from a statistical point of view and should be ignored.

The main problem here is that the average tipster is expected to be about 5-10% behind in the long run, as this is the size of the bookmakers’ margin. This means that over a short period of time, anybody can look like a winner with some luck.

If Something Looks Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

There is a certain limit of how much yield can be achieved at sports betting. It varies depending on the sport, markets and other stuff. However, if someone is claiming that he wins every single bet or promises a long-term yield higher than 20-30% (the percentage is even lower for the most popular sports and leagues out there), he’s probably a scammer. Even the best tipsters out there are in this region and everything above that is close to impossible.

Look for Verification

There are many ways to verify your results online. With so many websites and services that can be used as trackers, there is no reason for a tipster service to not be verified and show their results. You should always trust tipsters that do that. It doesn’t mean that everyone that doesn’t provide it is a scammer, but the risk is way too high. Without this, it is easy to manipulate your results by hiding losing bets, giving wrong odds and so on.

Avoid Bombastic Marketing

You surely remember the old-school telemarketing that used expressions like “But wait, there’s more” and “Only now you can get our exclusive offer”. If you find a service that uses the same approach and has nothing to back it up, just get away as fast as you can.


If you follow the safety nets provided in this article, you should be able to avoid scammers. However, you should always be extra careful, especially if you are planning to invest some money. Our final advice is to actually run the service through google and see some additional information. Don’t pay too much attention to good reviews as they can easily be paid, but look out for complaints and people who aren’t happy.

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