Racing Expert Review

One of the most popular racing tipster products to come out this year is Steve G’s Racing Expert. I’ve given Steve a list
of questions to give you an inside look to this service and what its all about.

This service boasts profits up to £3012 a month, so is well worth a look, even if you are not a racing expert yourself, as
all you need to do is place the bets to profit!

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Here are the 10 questions I posed to Steve.

What do you consider is the secret of betting success?

Tough one. I really think one of the issues is there is no “secret”. Or certainly not some simple system to fool the bookies. I guess for me the successful punters are those that put the most work into making their selections.

What does your service offer that other tipsters don’t?

I think what’s different about my service is that I’m not trying to charge an arm and leg for a subscription. I like to think I’m available to casual punters as well as your more experienced bettor. Also I think I’m probably more conscious than other tipsters of losing runs. I like to play with the bookies cash and balance my bets to profit on as many days as possible. A lot of tipsters seem to think nothing of huge losing runs. Yes they can balance out, but from a punting side its a painful rollercoaster following a lot of tipsters.

What do you prefer to tip Jumps, Flat or AW?

I will generally bet on anything. Flat and AW can be less frustrating at times.  I’m not as much of a fan of low grade racing, and I prefer it when the weather is good as find things more unpredictable on heavy going.

How much can people win with your tips?

It really depends on stakes. £10 stakes it will be a few £100 a month, £100 max stakes and its a few £1000. Of course Horse Racing is volatile so we have our ups and downs, but I’ve never had a losing year.

Are your odds prices easy to achieve?

Yes I give tips out around 9-10AM so its not difficult to get the price if you access the email when delivered. I think this is an issue with some excellent tipsters, they can spot the value the problem is by time the punter gets the info the price is gone. Of course we have tips that drop in price, but as long as you read the emails in the morning you’ll be fine.

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