Flat Racing Master Tipster Service Review

If you’re looking for a horse racing service, you should definitely consider the Flat Racing Master Tipster. As the name suggests, they are focused on horse races and the staking size is flat. The main strategy is built on extensive research and years of experience of the guys behind the service. It’s definitely working as the results are fantastic, as you will see in the next section of our review.

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Tipster Results

Since the start of the service in December 2015, it has been producing a consistent profit for its customers. The overall result is almost 456 points which equals £4,560 for just £10 per point and over £22,000 if you place £50. A quick calculation shows that with the larger stake this brings an average monthly profit of more than £2,000. It’s a more than decent side income!

If you take a look at the monthly graph of the Flat Racing Master service, there are only 3 months about the break-even point and the other 7 are all profitable. The average bets per month reach 70-80 which means a low volatility. On top of that, the return of investment is almost 30% which is fantastic. You will hardly find any sports betting service that can achieve this over a long period of time.

Subscription Fees

If you decide to test the Flat Racing Master Tipster service, there are a couple of different options available. The first of them is to pay monthly and the price is £49.95. If you prefer the quarterly plan, it will cost you £119.95 or just under £40 per month. Alternatively, you can get the service for life for £429.95.

The best thing is that you can test the service almost for free before making a decision. The first month costs just £1 and this will help you see how the whole thing works. Actually, you can make enough money during those 30 days to get the first month afterward.


The results of the Flat Racing Master Tipster are hardly a coincidence and it seems like there’s more to come from them. Considering the profits the service produces, the prices surely contain huge value. If you add the option to check them almost for free, we don’t see any reason to miss. Just give it a shot for a month, see how it goes and then decide if you want to subscribe.#

Click Here to Trial Flat Racing Master for Just £1

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