Value Racing Tips Service Review


There aren’t many tipster services out there that have been around for almost 3 years. The Value Racing Tips is among the few exceptions and they are exclusively focused on horse racing. Their strategy revolves around finding picks with positive expected value and, yet, they are very productive with about 60-80 picks each month. It’s rare to see a tipster service that combines results with volume as well as this one.

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As we already mentioned, the Value Racing Tips service was launched way back in November 2013. The tips provided have won almost 423 points which equals £42,300 if you placed £100 per point or even £4,230 for £10 per unit. The average ROI is 16.74% which is exceptional for such a long period of time and for such a high monthly volume of picks available.

It’s also important to see what was the performance on a monthly basis. For the 35 months the Value Racing Tips service was active, there were only 5 with a negative end balance. There were also some of them which were about break even while the majority were profitable. It’s a great ratio, so it’s safe to say there are no huge amplitudes in the results.

Subscription Fees

There are a couple of different options you can choose from if you decide to subscribe to the Value Racing Tips service. The first of them costs £49.95 per month, the second is £119.95 per quarter (or about £10 cheaper for each month) and you can even get a lifetime subscription for £429.95.

We recommend you to take advantage of the option to test the service for 30 days for only £1. It’s the best way to see if it’s a good option for you.


The Value Racing tips service has plenty of happy customers, as you can see on their page. It is based on finding the best value out there and it provides exactly that on a daily basis. The results prove the strategy behind the service is working as 3 years and thousands of picks are more than enough to draw conclusions. This is why we believe the subscription fees are worth it, especially since you can get a trial month for only £1.

Click Here to Join Value Racing Tips for Just £1

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