GoalProfits Football Trading Community Review

GoalProfits is an interesting community based on the idea that if you work hard and in cooperation with fellow traders, you can make some good money from football trading. The guys behind it have impressive resumes and with a couple of awards for Best Trading System and Best Football System in the past couple of years, it seems they are onto something.

Unlike similar services, the main idea here is not just to feed the members with picks. In fact, the overall target is to provide each player with the knowledge and the resources to succeed on his own. Of course, the community as а whole works hard and everything is shared.

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There are a couple of key points in the GoalProfits membership that you should know:

Team Statistics

There is a special software available, developed by the GoalProfits team. It covers over 60 football leagues worldwide and will provide over 100 stats on each team out there. It’s pretty impressive and the whole thing is customized to fit all the needs a trader might have.


If you become a GoalProfits member, you will gain access to 28 trading strategies that have been proven over the years. The best thing is that the existing strategies are being constantly updated, new ones are added on a regular basis and you get full support. If you don’t understand how a certain strategy works, you can always ask or even watch the guys use it in real time.


There are a bunch of other useful things like a help section, training videos and more. On top of that, there is 24/7 support that will be there to answer any question you might have.

Subscription Fees

There are two different options if you decide to join the GoalProfits community. The first one is to pay monthly and the cost is £37. The second one is the quarterly plan that costs £99 or £4 less per month. Both of the plans will give you full access to the GoalProfits community and resources.


If you are looking for a service that will just send you some picks, GoalProfits is probably not the best choice for you. But if you want to become a much better football trader and get access to some of the best resources on the matter, it provides a great value. The community has proven its worth and if you are serious about football trading, you should definitely consider joining.

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