888 Acca Saver Promotion

I’m not sure I know many football betting fans who don’t love a cheeky accumulator at the weekend. Thankfully the bookies are well aware of this and there are plenty of offers to choose from to increase your chances of winning (or at least not losing).

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One that caught my eye is 888sports Acca Save promo. This is a 6 leg accumulator offer that is paid out as a free bet if one leg lets you down. Minimum odds are 1.5 and as through experience this is a much needed insurance policy.

The maximum amount refunded on a losing bet is £25. So you can be sure you are getting a refund for any close calls as a free bet.

Incidentally this offer can also be applied to horse racing and greyhound racing as well, so is less restrictive than a lot of the accumulator offers you see.

So why would you bet on a 6 fold?? In my experience hitting 6/6 at 1.5 above is not common but does happen. I would be tempted to have 5 bets around 1.5 and one at 3.0. This effectively doubles the payout of the accumulator and you are only relying on the one outsider.

odds of hitting 6 at 1.5 are around 10/1.

(For Maths Geeks its 2/3 ^ 6)

odds of hitting 5/6 at 1.5 are 3.79 just under 3/1

(For Maths Geeks its 6 x 1/3 x 2/3 ^ 5)

This means a quarter of your accas will be refunded with a free bet! An acca every week for a year means this offer saves you £325 a year!!

Now that’s a great deal!

Accas are a great thing and you will feel such a buzz when you win one you’ll do the predicatable social media shares of your winning slip as your mates look on in envy!

Remember to bet sensibly, its easy to get carried away with accumulators and risk money on high odds bets, remember we are talking about 10/1 shots here!

However with acca insurance and low stakes you can have a lot of fun and hopefully win big with offers like these.

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