One Bet Racing Tips Review

Many companies and tipster services have professed have cracked the code when it comes to possessing a winning formula at providing horse racing betting tips.

One Bet Racing Tips however have instantly laid claim to this mantra and are backing it up with aplomb since their launch in December 2017. With a strategy centred round betting on one particular tip per day, One Bet Racing Tips are producing excellent results.

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One Bet Racing Background:

One Bet Racing pride themselves on providing some of the most insightful and in-depth tips on the market and this attention to detail attracted Bet Info 14 to take them under their wing in December 2017. Single bets are the order of the day with One Bet Racing and backing winners all the way is at the heart of their operation.

Through the Bet Info 24 community, One Bet Racing offer 3 subscription plans:

  • Monthly – £25.99
  • Quarterly – £59.99
  • Annually – £179.99 – all of which give punters access to daily UK horse racing tips.

Key Statistics:

One Bet Racing Tips quickly generated strong monthly profits for their followers and have maintained that. They are currently operating at an impressive £124 average monthly profit since December 2017.

Perhaps the weakest statistic for One Bet Racing Tips is their return on investment of 12%. With one bet per day, it is perhaps not surprising, but they will be looking to improve upon that with time.

With a strike rate of 21%, One Bet Racing has been able to quickly generate winnings and profits for the followers and this stat – guaranteeing punters at least one winner per week so far.


In a congested marketplace, combining winning results with a simplistic and formulaic approach can be difficult. One Bet Racing however has become a major player on the UK Horse Racing betting scene since its launch back in December 2017. Their strategy of operating on one bet per day has obvious pros and cons but they continue to churn out results on a regular basis. With profits rising to an all-time high recently, One Bet Racing Tips look to be an excellent option for punters looking to win big, without having to expend huge amounts of time and energy with their bets.

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