Barking Dog Tipster Review

Tipster Review: Barking Dog

Greyhound racing is an incredibly popular vocation for punters and fans alike but with 6 unpredictable dogs featuring in each race – picking a winner is not an easy task in any race.

That unpredictability can provide many obstacles for punters looking to bet on greyhound races and that’s where Barking Dog come into their own as a specialist tipster service – dedicated to helping punters navigate the eclectic world of UK greyhound racing.

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Barking Dog

Barking Dog Background:

Barking Dog launched in June 2019 as part of the esteemed Betfan group and they have continued to go from strength to strength ever since. Greyhound racing doesn’t have the popularity of horse racing and as a result finding effective and reliable tipsters can be a notoriously murky world for punters – something that Barking Dog hopes to address.

With a strategy of lay betting only on UK greyhound races, Barking Dog looks to simplify the process for punters and uses tried and tested methods when delivering tips.

Barking Dog offer four subscription plans; weekly subscriptions cost £7, a monthly sign-up costs £21, the price for a quarterly subscription is £59.15 whilst a 6 month plan costs customers £100.

Key Statistics:

Although still very much in its infancy, Barking Dog possess as respectable average monthly profit of £23.67 – with one disastrous month in October 2019 hindering initial progress made.

Barking Dog have been able to maintain a strong return on investment ratio of 21.19% throughout their existence with much of that being down to their extremely reasonable pricing structure and consistent results.

With a strike rate of 14.98%, Barking Dog have been able to provide winners consistently for their followers thus far and with greyhound races coming thick and fast in the UK betting calendar – the stats stand up favourably.


Barking Dog are one of the market leaders in greyhound tipster services and their strategy of introducing lay betting to all levels of punter does seem to be a little risky. However, with October 2019 yielding a loss thus far, they look to have plenty of strong results for their followers to get behind and with greyhound racing not having the same appeal as horse racing – Barking Dog could be an excellent tipster service for all greyhound enthusiasts.

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