Top Football Tipster Review

Football is the most widely bet on sport across the world and as a result tipsters and bookmakers alike are constantly vying for the expert angle on each game.

Football’s appeal centres around round its unpredictable, tribal nature and the Top Football Tipster looks to offer innovative and unique betting strategies to help their punters win big.

With footballing tips mainly honed in on the top European Leagues, the Top Football Tipster is a go-to resource for all types of punter.

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Top Football Tipster Background:

The Top Football Tipster is a member of the well-known betting community Betting Gods and is one of very few services solely dedicated just to one sport.

Having launched in September 2018, Top Football Tipster is still very much in its infancy but its betting strategy of exchange betting on football, both pre-match and in-play has proved instantly effective.

Top Football Tipster is good value with 3 months available for £39 or 6 months for £59. That means you can access from just £9.83 a month.

Key Statistics:

Despite only having launched in September 2018, the Top Football Tipster has made an instant impact yielding an average monthly profit of £278.80 for its punters so far.

Football is a volatile sport to bet on with any team capable beating its opponent yet the Top Football Tipster has been consistent since its launch and has a current Return on Investment of 8.80%.

Whilst many bets proposed by the Top Football Tipster could be seen as’ banker’ bets, their staggering strike rate of 71.43% is a testament to their expert knowledge in European football and proves their worth as a punting service.


The Top Football Tipster is a relatively new player on the football tipping scene and has made an instant impact since its September 2018 launch. With an effective, low-risk betting strategy the Top Football Tipster has progressively backed up their promises to punters and is a big player in the Betting Gods punting service. The monthly and annual subscription prices are obviously expensive and will be off-putting for rookie punters but if they are able to continue their impressive start the Top Football Tipster is a service to follow for football lovers looking to win big.

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