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Football betting is one of the most popular markets across the world with punter often having a vested interest in each match being played.

Footie Flutters look to assist the punter by giving out ‘Top Football Advice’ to help players ‘Start Winning’.

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Footie Flutters Background:

Footie Flutters is a member of the Betfan Group, one of the most reliable and informed tipster service conglomerates available to recreational and professional punters alike.

Having launched in March 2018, Footie Flutters have made an instant impact with the Betfan group and are now being labelled as their premier footballing tipster as they go into their second year in operation.

Footie Flutters by comparison to some of its competitors is one of the cheaper services on the markers by virtue of it not offering an annual subscription. One month costs customers $40 whilst a quarterly sign-up costs $75.

Key Statistics:

Since its launch in March 2018, Footie Flutters have grown into being one of the major players on the football tipster scene and have generated an average monthly profit of $113.98.

With a Return on Investment of 11.60%, Footie Flutters have been a consistent performer since their launch and continue to go from strength to strength.

With a Strike Rate of 38.46%, Footie Flutters are striking a nice balance between winning big and keeping the bank roll ticking. With average odds on each bet of around $3.50 they are offering something for all levels of punter that have a vested interest in football.


Footie Flutters are one of the most recognisable football tipster services available for punters and their standing as part of the Betfan group is testament to that. As they go into their second year in existence, Footie Flutters continue to grow and produce results for their followers in an accumulative and steady fashion. With a high strike rate, reliable returns on investment and lucrative average monthly profit results, Footie Flutters have plenty of informed decision makers and their betting strategy looks to be holding them in good stead and offer plenty of options for all levels of punter.

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