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Few sports possess the global appeal of football and its unpredictable and topsy-turvy nature makes it arguably the most popular sport in the world.

The said unpredictable nature of football however does not lend itself to betting on football with many punters tending to lay with their heart rather than their head.

Thankfully, The Football King is on hand to offer expert football tips on leagues, cups and fixtures all over the globe.

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The Football King Background:

As one of very few football specific members of the Betfan group, The Football King was launched in January 2018.

The Football King enlists the support of multiple football experts and tipsters to provide a daily email for its subscribers – with games all over the world coming into focus as potential winning matches/markets.

In comparison to many of its competitors, The Football King is relatively cheap at £9.99 per month, £29.99 for 4 months or the exceptionally priced £49.99 for 12 months.

Key Statistics:

The longevity of The Football King is a testament to its impressive tipping strategy that it has maintained an average monthly profit of £49 over its 12 months in existence.

Despite football being a generally volatile sport to bet on, The Football King has generated an impressive 27.43% Return on Investment for its followers – thanks in no small part to its very generous pricing strategy.

The amount of football fixtures across the world makes maintaining any sort of consistency very difficult but with a strike rate of 10.67% The Football King has proven its worth as a reliable and efficient tipster for all levels of punter.


Having been in operation for over a year, The Football King has developed an efficient and cost effective tipping service within the Betfan group. Betting on football should always be approached with an air of trepidation – due to the very nature of the game – but The Football King and its group of informed and educated tipsters provide consistently reliable tips (on a daily basis) which punters can access at a very affordable price – making it a strong choice for punters looking to bet on ‘The Beautiful Game’.

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