Betting Genius Review

Betting Genius is our new website launch which gives free betting tips, tipster reviews and lists bookie offers you can take advantage of.

Originally we built the site to focus on football match previews but have decided to rebrand the site as a go to site for all things betting related. Be that
football betting, horse racing or even casino related betting.

So expect quality free betting tips, offers and articles. Always free and always high quality.

To visit Betting Genius simply click below…

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The idea for betting genius came about as we find a lot of the major sites are too commercially focused and I got frustrated with looking at the major betting sites for decent free info only to be given little more than adverts and poor misleading information. The major betting sites may deliver free tips but they don’t deliver the quality you would usually get from a professional tipster. Or the tipsters such as Hugh Taylor who are immensely gifted are useless because you can’t get the odds even 10 seconds after they go out.

We also wanted to have a place in which people could check out the best bookmaker offers. Not just the obvious free bet deals, but the hidden offers which aren’t usually discussed and can help
increase your betting profits.

We don’t believe in loyalty to one bookmaker and think you should shop around for the best deals to maximise your returns.

We also are planning to review some of the reputable tipsters available to give an honest look at what’s on offer and what can potentially make you decent profits. Having been both a tipster and reviewer
I can see both sides and often reviews are unfair or too biased towards the tipster. This is why when you join a top rated tipster sometimes it doesn’t live up to review, or perhaps something gets a bad review
and yet it makes money. With our reviews we are interested in the practicality of the tipster and if you can actually get on at the prices and make a profit. Also the long term record is more important than a 30
day review period.

So if you want free quality betting information simply visit the site below and join their mailing list for regular quality betting information.

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