Top 20 Golf Tips Review

Bookies must fear tipsters such as the top 20 Golf Tips service as they create massive profits for anyone wise enough to get on board this great service. 

Golf is an intelligent game played by keeping in mind the minute details about the shots hit by the players. It takes a true expert to be successful at golf tipping and its great to have a proven service like this on your side.

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The profit at Top 20 Golf Tips is fantastic that comes to be £10,382 at £10 stakes.

The Return on Investment is 48.74% which is fantastic. Generally as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts i’ll follow any long term tipsters ROI that is more than 15%. So this is simply incredible.

Now, let’s see how this tipster does it!

The betting odds here has driven profit as high as 34/1 while checking out the list of few recent tournaments bets.

The Strike rate is low at 11.60%. However for those patient enough to wait for the longshots to hit, the profits are giant.

The Top 20 Golf Tips makes an average monthly profit of £415.28 with a 692.13% bank growth at the time of review.

While reviewing Top 20 Golf Tips, we found people making profits at average odds from 13/1 to 14/1. The players receive the tips every Wednesday for the tournaments about to be held on the weekends.

You can receive nearly 80 to 100 tips on the monthly basis.

A recent winner was recorded at 19/1 that made a great profit of £190 at £10 per point. Few other registered winners shown on the site with interesting betting odds are Andrew Putnam made at 16/1, Ryan Blaum at 14/1, Tom Hoge made winnings at 12/1 and Sam Saunders won at 8/1. There were many more bets placed at other popular tournaments that made a good amount of money.

Click Here to Trial Top 20 Golf Tips for £1

Top 20 Golf Tips is proving a life changer for many bettors with an interest in golf betting tips. The superb analysis of every detail of the players playing in the tournament makes them stand out from other tipsters.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab a subscription only at £1.

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