Football Betting Systems

If anyone has some football betting systems they want reviewing or that I can run and keep a record of on this site then let me know, i’ll be happy to help 🙂

I’ve just realised the Boro v Sheff Utd replay is on, so why not have a bet, it’s got to be better than the original game so a bet to try and get over the £1000 profit mark…

Middlesbrough v Sheffield united, over 2.5 goals, £60 at odds of 2.50

2 thoughts on “Football Betting Systems”

  1. the-football-tipster

    hi, i dont have any betting systems i just study the recent form injuries, etc… but i have just setup my own blog on this, take a min and have a look at my blog and feel free to tell me what u think, many thanks andrew

  2. betting systems

    hi there, ive got a website full of betting systems. though alot of them are pretty expensive there is a high success rate on alot of them.
    Im thinking about putting a few free systems on there soon so when i do i’ll let you know.

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