FA Cup Third Round

Well Boxing day produced an overall loss of £91.60, luckily Liverpool grabbed a last minute winner so it wasn’t even worse!

FA Cup Third round kicks off today, I don’t really like betting on cup games as they are a bit of a lottery and alot of clubs played weakened teams for a few reasons, either they know they wont win it, think they will win it, or want to concentrate on their leagues.

I’ll have a couple of bets on though, they are:

Blackburn v Coventry, over 2.5 goals, £50 at odds of 1.83

Charlton v West Brom, over 2.5 goals, £50 at odds of 1.85

Southampton v Leicester, draw lay, £50 at odds of 3.55

There are more games tomorrow so i’ll post any bets then

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