Draw Master Review

Draw Master is a football tipster from the reliable tipster platform Betting Gods. Throughout my own career as a tipster I’ve had no end of emails asking for decent draws service so its nice to see one on the scene.

Draws aren’t the easiest thing to predict but their is some value in betting on draws and we have done well ourselves on draws with our record at 10.89% ROI. Draw Master is showing a profit of 22.02% which is double my own record so this is something I find very intriging and definitely portfolio material as a good draws service is hard to come by.

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So the main stats you need to concentrate on when looking for a tipster are namely ROI, Strike Rate and Number of Tips. My personal rule of thumb for ROI is 10%. A Tipster with 5% ROI over a long period is good, 10% is very good, 15% is excellent. Over shorter periods you should go higher on these figures. Its not too difficult to get a 50% ROI for a month, but it is difficult to get that for 12 Months.

So for ROI Draw Master ticks the box for an excellent tipster being 22.02%. Particular with football which has tight margins this is a fantastic return.

Strike rate is also excellent at 33.45% this means one in 3 bets will win, which generally protects from the long losing runs you often get with big odds services.

Tips placed so far is 300+ which is a good amount to be able to trust the stats. Figures under 100 tips can typically be more distorted.

So all in all on paper this appears excellent.

I did a quick spot check on the odds to see if they are achievable as this is a tips service that gives odds the night before. I could get within 95% of the odds quite easily at starting price which is a good sign. This means your profits will not really suffer whatever time you place the bet, i.e. at starting price profits would be 20.9% as opposed to early price of 22.02%.

All in all this looks a really solid service some of the bets are on the lesser known teams, my guess is their is a systematic criteria to spot the value in the draw, obviously to do this on a big scale you can’t just bet on the English Premier League.

This looks solid and professional and is well worth a trial at £1 to improve your draw betting.

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