Weekend Football

Well Arsenal managed to win ok but the Liverpool game failed to get overs, well done for Luton for getting a replay at Anfield but after losing so many players this week they are in for a hiding I think.

So £10 there but on to the next lot of bets, the next Newcastle manager market is a rollercoaster ride for some, Harry Redknapp’s price is up and down and at present £4.2m is matched on that market with £3.9m of that matched on Harry, Alan Shearer has just announced that he would take the job and his price has come right in to 5.3 but still just £80k matched on him so far, but no bets on this for me!

So the weekends bets will be….

Chelsea v Tottenham, over 2.5 goals, £75 at odds of 1.9

Middlesbrough v Liverpool, over 2.5 goals, £75 at odds of 2.18

I’m also going for an accumulator including the top 4, so:

Arsenal to beat Birmingham
Chelsea to beat Tottenham
Liverpool to beat Middlesbrough
Man Utd to beat Newcastle

The acca price odds are 4.48, £50 stake to win £174.00

I’m off to watch Liverpool at the Boro so hopefully a good win for the reds!!

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