US Racing Expert Review

In a world littered with ‘expert’ betting tipsters – choosing the correct tipsters to follow in order to maximise profit can be an arduous task.

In the complex world of horse racing, there are a plethora of tipsters all looking to predict the outcome of the world’s biggest races.

Unlike many of its competitors, the US Racing Expert is a proven and profitable tipster service.

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US Racing Expert Background:

James (the brains behind the tipster service) launched the US Racing Expert back in June 2019 with a view to give punters increased opportunities to win big on the US Horse Race market and take money away from the highly profitable sports books.

US racing is notoriously difficult to predict, with a multitude of racing events taking place throughout the calendar year and the US Racing Expert dissects the runners and riders better than most.

As part of the Betting Gods group, the US Racing Expert offers a 15-day trial, which is priced at £1.99 before a monthly subscription option which costs £27.

Key Statistics:

With an average monthly profit of an £108.06 the formula used by the US Racing Expert is effective for all levels of punter looking to maximise their winnings.

Having a consistent and solid return on investment is a key component when considering who to follow in the world of betting tipsters and the US Racing Expert has a solid 11.87% average return on investment, something they are sure to be looking to improve upon.

Winning every bet is a practical impossibility but perhaps the most impressive statistic for the US Racing Expert is their strike rate of 18.48%, meaning on average nearly 1 in 5 of their predictions turns out to be correct.


The US Racing Expert is a really consistent and proven tipster service that allows punters to bet safely in the knowledge that the tips being offered are reliable and informed. The wealth of tips available helps all level of punter as does the sports specific market. The US Racing Expert doesn’t confuse users with a wealth of sports – targeting a specific market helps punters win big on a consistent basis.

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