Tipster Review: US Sports Capper

Betting on American sports can be a difficult past-time for the casual fan with the variety of markets and bets available often causing confusion.

That’s where US Sports Capper are on hand to provide punters will valuable insights and tips into the top bets available across the many different US markets.

Creating a niche in the US sports market has proved to be a valuable and lucrative strategy for both US Sports Capper and their followers since their launch almost a year ago.

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US Sports Capper Background:

US Sports Capper launched in September 2018 and is part of the Betting Gods umbrella group. US Sports are their target market with bets on Baseball, Basketball, American Football and Ice Hockey providing the majority of their tips. US Sports Capper has been an instant success and continues to gain notoriety.

The daily tips arrive between 8pm and 10pm each evening and the tips provided tend to reflect the seasons in which each particular sport is played.

US Sports Capper is competitively priced in comparison to some of their rivals and they have 2 sign up options: monthly £29 and a yearly subscription which costs £279.

Key Statistics:

US Sports Capper have had an instant impact on the market since September and possess strong stats with an average monthly profit of £170.02 – certainly representing value for money on the subscription price.

With a Return on Investment of 23.82% currently, US Sports Capper is proving to be a knowledgeable and reliable tipster across all of the American sports. In addition, these returns have been consistent throughout the year, with winnings rarely dipping on a chosen sport.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic from US Sports Capper is the strike rate of 38.39%, giving punters a fantastic ratio of winning bets, regardless of bank balance or initial stake.


US Sports Capper has seized upon a niche in the UK betting scene by targeting US sports and as yet has been very successful. The average odds of around 4.5 will be off putting for some high rolling punters but with reasonably priced subscriptions and a phenomenal strike rate of nearly 40% it is a very trustworthy operation that certainly offers something for all levels of punter.

Click Here to Trial US Sports Capper for £1

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