The Bookies Enemy Review

Many tipsters and betting systems claim to be the Bookies “enemy” and its a term I’ve seen thrown about willy nilly for some time.

But does it have any substance? Can this tipster reliably beat the bookie?

In this circumstance I’m pleased to say. YES. It seems on the basis of the results they can!

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The profits for the Bookies Enemy are frankly insane.

At the time of review we are seeing £460.36 at £10 a point. Which is incredible.

Also the ROI is far superior to what I would consider good at 74.79%. Usually I’ll follow tipsters over 15% ROI. So
this is extremely good.

So how is this done?

How is it EVEN possible?

If you look through the results you’ll see that many tips are high odds. I’m talking as high as 66/1.

Usually I’m put off by a long shot service. but with a strike rate over 20% this settles my fears, as long shots often operate at around a 10% strike rate.

The service avoids the usual long losing runs associated with big odds services by also including lower odds bets e.g. at 3/1 or 4/1/. Also betting e/w
shortens the losing run.

At the time of review we have seen recent winners at 16/1 and 4/1. Also a Huge 50/1 winner was recorded recently. which at £10 each way recorded
a profit of £625!!!

I think Gary is really onto something with this service he seems to be able to predict longshots which to me if I glanced at the racingpost would appear
as no hopers. He clearly has his own form angles and I’m not quite sure how he’s this good but whatever his method he gets results and for just £1 you can trial…

Click Here to Trial Bookies Enemy for just  £1

Once you are on the trial you’ll get tips the evening before, so please make sure you get on early to get the odds as they will inevitably shorten.

Also Gary provides detailed analysis with his tips, for avid racing fans this is a nice bonus so you know his thoughts and feelings on why he has placed the bet.

Don’t miss this!

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