Sporting Index – £100 Free Bets

When new members of Sporting Index register for an account they are eligible for a free £100 from the site. The money is placed into their account and while they can’t withdraw it, they can use it to place bets on the sports games of their choice. Members will get their free money no later than 5pm on the first business day after they join the site.

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New members then have seven days to use the £100 on their bets. If they don’t use the money in the allotted time they lose it and can’t get it back. The site does this to give new members the freedom to try sports betting without having to risk their own money to do it.

After a member has spent the £100 on bets, they get to keep any money that they win in excess of that amount. For example, if a member bets the £100 and wins £150, they get to keep the £150. On the other hand, if they lose money on the bets, they won’t get any portion of that money back. Despite the fact that the site offers virtual sports betting opportunities, new members must use their free £100 to bet on spreads of real games.

Betting on a spread of a sports game has become an extremely popular pastime all over the world. For this reason, Sporting Index is running this promotion in order to encourage new members to register and try their luck at betting on spreads.

By offering free promotional money to new players, Sporting Index is making it easy for people to discover their passion for sports betting. The free money is a great way for them to get their feet wet and learn how sports betting works so they know whether or not they want to continue with it.

This limited time promotion is one people should make sure to take advantage of. Few other sites offer such an enticing and risk free promotion, making Sporting Index stand out from the competition. The site is an excellent place to enjoy quality sports betting.

Click Here to Get £100 Free at Sporting Index

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