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Racing Wins is the brand new service from Pete Thomson that delivers up to £5962 a month in profit. It features a 4 bet method that has yet to have a losing month and currently has an introductory discount offer..

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What I like about Pete’s service is that he turns popular newspaper tipping methods into something that is profitable and easy to understand. I’m sure you’re familar with a “NAP” bet. This is a tipsters bet of the day, and if you read daily newspapers or online racing publications this will be familiar to you. Pete also gives a NB (Next Best) bet and TB (Third Best) bet as well as an “Outsider”

It is rare from the tipsters we have reviewed to see tips ranked in order, although this is popular with free tipsters. So why would you pay for a service that other sites do for FREE??

Well its all in the profitability. As Pete points out the free services are often too popular and thus the edge you have is reduced by the Bookies. Hugh Taylor and Pricewise come to mind, who are no doubt excellent tipsters, but they are well known to the bookies and I would argue impossible to profit with.

Pete’s results are excellent and are clearly recorded so you know each bets profit type. Strangely it is not the NAP that makes the most profit. The profits are with the Outsider and TB (Third Best) bets.

I spoke to Pete and asked him why his results showed more profit for the bets further down his ranking? And why the NAP was not the most profitable.

Here is his reply…

“Our NAP bet is the bet most likely to WIN, not the most likely to have the best ROI/Profit. For this reason this is why the TB and Outsider bets can outperform the bets more likely to win. The outsider bet for example only win 13.8% of the time, against the NAP’s 48.5% win rate. So while the NAP wins more the Outsider actually has a higher ROI 52.9% compared to the NAP’s 27.2%. This is why its not all about “Winning” the most bets, its about your margin which is often higher on outsiders. Also a bit like shares there is arguably a higher risk factor in backing outsiders. While the returns are higher, you are more prone to longer losing runs and not hitting your profit targets. This is why I developed the 4 Bet Method to balance out the lower risk profits with the higher risk profits to get an all round easy to follow service”

Pete’s Racing Wins service comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and he also gives free trial tips on Saturday.

This is a super easy to follow service and is considerably cheaper than anything comparable.

Not to be missed!

Racing Wins Review Score: 5/5 Stars

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