September Betting

It’s been a while since i’ve posted, I run some other websites within Affiliate Marketing so have been pretty busy working on them to keep posting on what I’ve been betting on.

I’m going to post a screenshot of my P&L for the last two weeks, this has consisted of betting on laying draws and over 2.5 goals and occasionaly trading on correct scores.

My stakes have been very minimal, mainly laying the draws for £10 and backing over 2.5 goals for £10, my biggest was £20 laying the draw in the Pompey v Spurs game.

As you can see the profit is £506.48

4 thoughts on “September Betting”

  1. Wow Darren, that is really P&L – thanks for posting the screenshot.

    I wish I could show off profit for my account. I also like laying draws but like most I find it hard to stay patient and strict with my betting.

  2. Hey Darren,

    I couldn’t find contact information on your site so I thought I would leave a quick comment in the hope you read it!

    Long story short, fancy doing a link exchange with

    I think our sites are similar enough that visitors would enjoy both, but different enough that we aren’t in direct competition.

    Take it easy


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