Rod’s Runners Horse Racing Tipster Review

If you are looking for a reputable horse racing tipster, Rod’s Runners will definitely meet your expectations. His betting service is one of the most popular among other Betting Gods tipsters.

Let’s have a look what generates the success of Rod’s Runners.

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Who are the Betting Gods?

Rod’s Runners Horse racing tips are part of the Betting Gods. It is often referred as tipster stable, which means that their website unites a variety of different tipsters in the same online service space.

Having more than 17 tipsters, Betting Gods have the ability to manage all the provided betting services to guarantee the best predictions, including horse racing tips.

Furthermore, wagering with Betting Gods, gives bettors around the world the possibility of receiving high-quality tips from huge sports diversity. Some of the sports they offer include: Soccer, American Football, Golf, Horse Racing and more.

Not only is the number of covered sports what makes Betting Gods to grow significantly in the past few years of their operation. The secret for their success hides behind the experienced management of their tipster website. Darren Moore is the website’s operation manager who previously worked for Tipster Warehouse. His tipster skills can be tested for free to prove the Betting Gods quality services.

If you are looking for free betting tips, you can sign up on the BG website and enjoy them daily.

The website’s reputation gathers together many experienced tipsters under the same roof. One of the most reliable horse racing tips provider among them is Rod’s Runners.

Rod’s Runners Horse Racing Tipster

Having followed horse racing since his university period, Rod has obviously gone from amateur punter to professional gambler after spending many years on perfecting his craft and studying different successful betting strategies, especially the horse racing related ones.

Rod’s achievements are listed on his tipster profile on the Betting Gods’ website. We had a look on them, and got very interested. See below Rod’s Runners amazing results.

Since launching his services in the beginning of May 2017, Rod’s Runners tips achieved an average monthly wagering profit of £910! Pretty good profit, just for 3 months work, isn’t it?

Additionally, Rod’s horse racing tips generated over 24% return of investment, in such a short period. The ROI of his service shows Rod’s dedication of helping horse bettors not to lose money by providing them with his best predictions.

Furthermore, Rod’s Runners total horse betting profit by now, September 2017, since May 2017, equals to the incredible £3,639, which makes pretty decent extra monthly earnings.

Other important Rod’s statistics display a quite low level of strike rate, equal to 15%, longest winning run of 9 and average losing run of 7.

Tip: The lower your strike rate, the higher odds your winners need to be starting at in order for you to emerge with a profit over the long term.

After reviewing his services, we would like to point that Rod’s Runner horse betting tips are a reliable and profitable way to increase your horse betting profit. His tips are easy to follow, because the selections are accessible through e-mail, mobile app or the exclusive member’s area of The horse tipster also uses a 7-day customer support to answer punter’s questions and resolve any betting issues. There is also an option of 30-days money back, in case that you are not satisfied, giving you additional security for your cash.

With so many tipsters available today, it is difficult to choose the right one. Rod’s Runners horse racing tipster is a safe guarantee for your wagering profitability, already checked by us and many other satisfied horse racing bettors.

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