Chloe’s Football Focus Review

A refreshing change to the male dominated arena of football tipping we have Chloe’s Football Focus out to prove that women also know a thing or two about picking winners.

At the time of review she is recording profits of £1283.08 a month which is just ridiculously good.

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Stat’s wise things are ridiculous with an ROI i’m pretty sure I’ve never seen so good on review of 101.35%, the strike rate is also a healthy 29.30%.

So how the hell is she doing it? The first thing that strikes me is that this service is a big odds specialist. Some very unusual tips are given which shows Chloe is chasing big price winners rather than just backing the obvious favourites.

The huge profits seem to come from going against the expected. Venezuela drawing with Argentina earned the service £2490 with two max bets on the draw and Venezuela double chance.

The staking plan seems to be confidence related rather than anything to with odds. Ranging from 1 point bets to 10 point bets you could just as easily be placing a max bet on a rank outsider as a fave.

The focus seems to be on premier league, but there is also a fair few obscure games to show that the tipster is hunting far and wide for a bit of value. Anyone see the Ceará vs Vila Nova game? (Ahem)

Bets are recorded at £10 a point, which is a range of £10 – £100 a bet. I would perhaps start a little lower as it can be a bit nervy backing outsiders at £100 a pop, but each to their own. Once your confidence grows you can make the decision of how much you want to invest. Please gamble responsibily people!

As with all Betting Gods products the service is very good and you have the back up of a money back guarantee should the tipsters form take a turn for the worse.

Horse Racing is generally dominated by value tipsters, football less so. Therefore Chloe’s Football Focus is a welcome addition to the market and it is also nice to see a tipster look for value and avoid the obvious.

Grab a low price risk-free trial below…

Click Here to Claim a £1 Trial of Chloe’s Football Focus

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