Midas Method Review

You may have heard or not heard of the Midas Method. What is it? And why should you care?

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The Midas Method is a horse racing software program that identifies which horses are being heavilly backed and according to its formula these horses are the ones to bet to win.

From the mind of creator Steve G this product is perhaps not the obvious choice for a football betting fan, but a great choice for every gambler.

The software itself is very good and gives you access to betting forecasts and current odds and gives percentages so you can see how the odds are changing as more and more punters bet.

The concept is simple. Those in the know bet heavily on certain bets and then the odds drop.

This does happen in football, but its different. In my experience football odds don’t change that quickly. In racing they change by the minute!

But does it work??

In testing I’ve found this method to work well, Steve’s own results are impressive and show what the system is capable of. Its a great tool to check market movers.

Their is simply nothing as sophisticated for checking this in the free racing sites.

Its not difficult to follow either as its automated so if you are not a horse racing expert, it doesn’t really matter.

I also like the fact its a web based application, so if I want to check it on my mobile its easy enough.

Steve also gives tips, these are a good second service and its very rare for him to have a losing month.

I’m surprised at the cost of this, for only £49 you get a year’s access. Considering the data on offer this is a great deal.

Click Here to Trial the Midas Method for Free

My only minor criticism is that it isn’t fully automated with Betfair, you have to place the bets yourself. This I think would be a great feature so you simply could set and forget and cash in.

All in all though a serious bit of kit and a bargain price!

Click Here to Trial the Midas Method for Free

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