LMR Racing Review

Tipster Review: LMR Racing Services

Finding reliable horse racing tipsters can be an arduous process with many tipster services offering punters a wealth of tips that can provide indifferent results.

LMR Racing however have become one of the major players on the horse racing tipster scene in the UK since their inception in 2017 and their incredible results continue to provide big winning for followers.

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LMR Racing Background:

Since their launch in January 2017, LMR Racing have very quickly established themselves as one of the most reliable and informed tipsters available. With only two months recording losses since their launch, LMR Racing are certainly worth following for punters looking to maximise their profits through horse racing betting.

Key Statistics:

The statistics behind LMR Racing are staggering with an average monthly profit of £2119 dwarfing many of the competitors in the UK horse racing market. The consistent level of winners since their launch in 2017 has enabled punters to win big from the outset with their educated daily picks.

LMR Racing are currently operating at an extremely strong 41% Return on Investment – offering enticing winning statistics for all levels of punter. Having been in operation for nearly two years, LMR Racing  have proven themselves as a highly reliable tipping service and with average daily odds of around 6/1 – there’s something for all levels of punter.

An incredible strike rate of 37% has been maintained throughout by LMR Racing and shows no sign of slowing.

LMR Racing has continues to go from strength to strength over the past two years and with an astonishing £43,817 profit being made since January 2017 (based on £100 bets) the statistics suggest that LMR Racing are one of the leading tipsters to follow. Whilst October 2018 yielded one of only two negative months for LMR Racing so far, the astronomic growth levels of the tipster service make it a must follow.


LMR Racing have quickly become one of the main players on the UK Horse Racing tipster scene and with daily tips yielding returns with astonishing strike rates and returns on investment, all punters should be using LMR Racing for their racing punts.

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