Each Way Leader Tipster Review

Sports betting may seem difficult to most of the people but by following up the tips from experienced tipsters, you can potentially win a good amount of money from their bets.

Betting Gods is a leading tipster site that helps the amateur to improve their betting.

Each Way Leader helps deliver results with huge odds and helps you to win your bets consistently at odds often of 10/1 or more!

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Important Stats for Each Way Leader…

The Each Way Leader service has a staggering average monthly profit of nearly £411.66 at £10 stakes.

Each Way Leader makes profit with consistent backing of value bets and is up £2,058.30 since September 2017 (at time of review).

The Strike Rate is 37.73% and the Return on Investment is a giant 46.78%!!!

From a starting bank of 150pts the Bank Growth so far is an encouraging 137.22%.

Pricing for Each Way Leader

The pricing for becoming a member of Betting Gods are listed below:

  • The players can grab their first ten days for only £1
  • The Monthly payment involves 12 payments per year that comes out to be £30 per month
  • The quarterly payment involves 4 payments per year so the players have to pay £60 per quarter basis
  • The annual payment involves only one payment per year so it involves paying £180 per year

Moreover, it is 100% risk-free because if you are not completely satisfied in first 30 days then they can receive your money back!

Personally I would go for a quarterly membership, yes you do save more on an annual, but I feel 3 months is enough time to see if the tipster is for you and you are happy with the profits.

Here is a list of a few winners recorded at the time of review:




Foxy Lass






Our Mullion




Rock Warbler


My Direction


Mistress Potter

Why Choose a BettingGods Tipster?

  • The betting tips are accessible through mobile apps, E-Mail and member area.
  • The regular tips and good strike rate helps the Each Way Member to find another winner.
  • The 30-Days Money Back Guarantee with no risk involved is an add-on feature of the company.
  • The customer support is provided seven days in a week for solving sports betting issues.
  • It is one of the biggest and safe networks for gamblers that puts its customers first and can be trusted to report results accuarately

So what are you waiting for trial now for just £1!

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