Away Wins Tipster Review

Now a lot of people may not know that we have a “secret” tipster service in operation called “Away Wins”. As the name suggests we are backing football bets that are “sure things”. With this method we are currently achieving approximately 3 in 4 bets winning. With odds ranging from 1.4-2.1 we are clearing a huge profit of 20%+ ROI.

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But betting on favourites is wrong? Right? This is one of the biggest misconceptions in betting. Betting on the most likely outcome is completely appropriate if (and this is a big if) the odds justify the bet. In fact if you look at many outsider bets in football you will find the bookie margin is a lot tighter on the favourites than the outsiders. In this respect the Bookmaker is often making a much bigger percentage on outsiders losing.

This was somewhat of a shock for us too, when we created Football Value Tips my aim was to go for the less obvious bets with the best margins. We split the services in two as we realised that value came in all shapes and sizes. You can get value on a 1.4 bet just as you can on a 4/1 bet.

If you don’t currently bet with a spreadsheet and calculate percentages you really are setting yourself up for a fall. Likewise don’t pay attention to the nonsense on Twitter. None of these guys give full results and place multiple bets and accumulators everyday to trick you into thinking they are making huge profits, when in fact they just shout loud when they win.

If working out your own bets sounds like a lot of work, or you just want to supplement your own betting income away wins is an extremely affordable reliable service that is great for the risk adverse as you will be hitting mostly winners and not have to suffer the long losing runners many bettors endure.

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But, but. Can’t anyone pick “Favourites”?

The simple answer is no, not at all. In fact blindly backing favourites will always lose money. It takes a fair amount of work to seperate the false favourites from the away wins, which is why a service like this can prove an invaluable resource.


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