Always Back Winners Review

Originally a social media led horse racing betting tipster services, Always Back Winners is one of the main players on the tipping circuit with its well-connected and organised tipping site.

Clear and concise tips, on mainly horse racing have made Always Back Winners a proven and reliable website to follow.

A key feature is that they raise stakes with profits (betting 1.25% of the bank for the season) this can lead to startling profits which in the past has led to as much as £10,000 at the end of a racing season (both flat and National Hunt) from a £1000 starting bank (£12.50 starting bet).

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Always Back Winners Background:

With a philosophy centred on allowing punters to become more informed on the world of horse racing whilst enabling them to win big, Always Back Winners have been in operation is since 2013 after starting as a free Facebook follow page. In the ensuing 5 years, Always Back Winners have blazed a trail in finding new and innovative ways to encourage punters to become involved and hopefully win big.

Key Statistics:

Always Back Winners currently possess an average monthly profit of £128.95 and to be still operating at such a high level after 5 years of daily horse racing tipping is a truly remarkable feat – with the best results coming between April and October – the UK flat horse racing season.

Operating at 28.45% Return on Investment offers something for all levels of punter and with a philosophy of betting at around 7/1 on average, the statistics stand up pretty favourably..

An impressive strike rate of 23.45% is also something to consider when backing Always Back Winners as they also have a lot of bets coming in as placed finishes to keep the balance ticking over.

Always Back Winners is showing no signs of slowing with August 2018 generating a substantial £247 profit from £10 stakes in the month and with Always Back Winners currently offering a promotion – enticing punters to follow them in making £10k from £1k, the steady stream of winning results look to still be flooding in.


Always Back Winners have been one of the major players on the horse racing tipping scene for a long time and their consistency has left many trailing in their wake. Their affordable sign-up fee, unwavering betting philosophy and easy to follow system make it one of the premier tipster service available – for all levels of punter.

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