The Unity Racing Investments Review

If you are looking to generate a side income with betting that is both easy and reliable Unity Racing Investments could be the one for you.

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Given past results its likely to make you some extra money every single month with little experience of horse racing or betting required.

At the time of review this service has made over 1400 points since it joined the reputable betfan network!

Remember following a horse racing tipster requires patience you may get a losing run but over the long term the best tipsters can make a profit.

Unity Racing System Explained – How The System Works?

This services uses its own unique betting software and inside knowledge to find the best betting opportunties for you.

The software includes their own speed ratings and handicap ratings which they combine with inside knowledge and then they review this shortlist using their own experience to give the final tips.

This is a meticulous approach and far more advanced than your average racing tipster, who probably relies on the racecards to monitor the form which everyone has access to.

3 Key points are noted when using this system…

  1. Bet at sensible stakes
  2. Be realistic this is a long term profit system and not a get rich quick scheme.
  3. Be passive. This is a long term game so don’t get hung up on short term gains or losses.

Odds on this service vary considerably from a 5/2 bet to a 50/1 shot. On average though the strike rate is around 20% so its comfortable enough to keep the losing runs short whilst allowing for big win days.

ROI was 17.5% which is great given its been running since 2014!!

Don’t be fooled by new tipsters with a higher ROI, just as stocks and shares its the long term record that counts and while other tipsters may have a good few months, to produce 17.5% over 4 years takes some skill.

There are two options of joining the club, monthly and quarterly. The monthly membership costs around £57.00 and Quarterly membership will be of £114.00 and offers the best value with it working out at £38 a month.

Click here to Join Unity Racing Investments

You can pick the best one for yourself. The beauty of the Unity Racing system is to enable you generate a good income with a medium risk tolerance.


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