Quentin Franks Racing Review

Quentin Franks Racing is one of the finest tipsters online. He is part of the Betting Gods stable and has a solid reputation.

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At the time of review they have shown a whopping profit of £10,362.20 from a 100 points start. 

The ROI is very good at 20.08% which is way above what I would expect for a tipster with a record dating back to 2014.

Of course new tipsters can boast a higher ROI, but when you see a live proofed record for several years, then you really know you are on to a winner.

There are many high odds tips given and Quentin’s selections average out at 6.75.

The strike rate is 23.28%, which is acceptable and means 1 in 4 of your bets will win, so losing runs won’t be too long.

The average monthly profit is £230.27 to £10 stakes and that is a bank growth of 1,036.22%.

Quentin provides nearly 70 to 90 tips monthly on an average this really gives you every thing you need to follow horse racing.

While reviewing about Quentin Franks Racing, we saw fantastic profits made by a few tips at 6/1 and 7/1. 

You can expect winners like this frequently and its obvious Quentin knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to horse racing.

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Other review sites such as Honest Betting System Reviews, Geegeez and Cash Master have also reported good profits in their trials for this excellent tipster. Hoesnt Betting Systems recorded a staggering £8,000+ in their trial. While Geegeez and Cash Master recorded around £1000 profit each on their smaller trials.

Quentin forwards daily racing selection early morning every day. It’s at a really handy time and only takes 5 minutes to place the bets
and then you can relax and collect your winnings!

I also like the fact that he’s a morning tipster as I find the evening tipsters harder to follow as the price seems to disappear more quickly, where as on the day of racing things are slightly more stable.

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