Horse Racing – Dutching Betting Guide

Horse racing betting is notoriously one of the most difficult vocations any punter can undertake. Some will of course rely on professional horse racing tips.

Whilst there are hundreds of racing taking place weekly, giving bettors multiple opportunities to win big across a variety of horse racing disciplines, the form book can often go out of the window and seemingly any horse can win any race.

That said, the Dutching technique used across horse racing is one of the most reliable and well-informed betting strategies on the market and if utilised properly, can yield profits for all levels of punter.

Here is a guide to Dutching betting on Horse Racing:

How Dutching works:

With the name derived from doubling up or going ‘Double Dutch’ the principle behind Dutching is to back more than one horse to win any chosen race. The rationale for this is that by identifying 2/3/4 horses that could win the race and calculating the winnings – a profit can still be made should any of the selected horses come in and win.

Of course, the risk here lies in the rest of the field as if you were to pick 3 horses to win and a different horse crosses the finish line first – you do in face stand to lose more money. However, with multiple Dutching strategies to follow and with an increase understanding of the horse racing landscape, punters can be hugely successful when Dutching.

Working Example

  • Should you select three horses in a chosen race, with all selections priced at 4/1 and you were to place £1 on each horse, the stake will total £3.
  • From here if any of the three selected horses go on to win the race, the pay out will be £5 (a £1 bet winning at 4/1).
  • As a result, the total profit from the bet will be £2 – with the bet returning £5 and the initial stake only being £3.

As a technique, Dutching tends to be used more often than not with bigger sums of money, which will grow the playing balance quicker and ultimately allow punters to win more money, more frequently.

Things to look out for Dutching when horse racing betting:

Do the Maths – Whilst the calculations associated with Dutching bets are rarely hugely difficult, if they aren’t done properly, it can hugely impact any potential winnings. Always calculate how much money you would win if any of your 2/3/4 selections win the race and work to the rationale that your lowest profit is most likely to come in, that way expectations are lowered.

Don’t bet on every race – Some races are far more suited than others to the Dutching betting technique. If a race has over 8 horses in and the minimum odds are above 5/1, the race is not suitable for Dutching as pretty much any horse could win the contest. Seek out races that have a bunch of similarly priced favourites, alongside some longer odds outsiders. This way you can back all the favourites (who should win) which in turn justifies the use of the Dutching technique.

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