APS Basketball Tips Review

Its refreshing to see a different type of tipster from the usual football and horse racing and one that gives you another lucrative avenue.

Not whether or not you are a basketball fan or not you can follow APS Basketball tips with little effort as everything is laid out for you and its simple to place the bets.

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Currently at the time of review APS Basketball Tips is making an average of £188.50 a month at £10 stakes.

What I like about this service is the strike rate is fantastic at a healthy 53.95% and the ROI is also very good at 20.43%. Typically you do not get an ROI as high as that with a strike rate so good. A high strike rate is good with tipsters as it indicates you are unlikely to suffer long losing runs. Even some of the most profitable tipsters can be miserable to follow if they tend to have a low strike rate and back outsiders.

In fact the average losing run at the time of this review is just ONE bet! Incredible!

Arvinder who runs the service is a huge basketball fan with over 20 years experience, so you are in safe hands when you back these tips.

The best part is this service is super cheap. Perhaps BetGods are encouraging lower prices for more unusual tips type (at least for the UK), or maybe they are just being generous, but £15 a month, £40 a quarter or £100 a year is a great price point for such a profitable tipster.

As you would expect for a service with a 53.95% strike rate the odds for the bets float around EVENS.

The service is easy to follow as bets are sent via email in the morning between 9 and 10AM and you can also use the BettingGods app to access the tips.

Also if you are new to Basketball betting BetGods trial offer of £1 for the first 10 days is a great way to try out this kind of bet and see what you think.

Who knows with the potential profits you’ll be making you may grow to love Basketball!

Click Here to Access Your 10 Day Free Trial at APS Basketball Tips 

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