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What This Upgrade Offer Give You:

  • High 61% Strike Rate of Winners!
  • Make as much as an extra £5640 a Month!
  • Superb Win Bets at average odds of 2.04


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Upgrade Offer – Only £37 for 12 Months Access!

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”940″]From: Phil Rushton

First of all Thank You for investing in Football Value Tips.

I can’t wait to get you started and I’m looking forwards to us
beating the bookies together over the summer as well as next season.

With this service alone you stand to do very well over the coming months.


Should you wish to have the opportunity to DOUBLE your profits. I have the
perfect add-on service.

This service is one with an even higher win rate than our main value service!

This add-on service will give you a 61% Win Rate on Average at odds of 2.04.

This service focuses on making a profit on win bets and is tried and tested
and proven to profit.

This is a perfect addition to our Value Football Tips service and is great for punters who want to win frequently.

So there will be NO long losing runs, NO dwindling betting accounts as you
wait for the winners and NO high risk gambles.







Introducing…Football Winner, a Service that Gives You Nailed On Winners to Beat Your Bookie.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”940″]Betting on favourites is an area of betting that is often dismissed for all the wrong reasons.

This is because people often assume favourites are poor value and the lower odds are not worth betting.

This is NOT true

What is true is that Betting either outsiders or favourites blindly will not get you anywhere.

What we do at Football Value Tips is we beat the odds.

I’ve also got you a superb deal on Steve Hudson’s Football Winner who
gives nailed on winners at around the evens mark.

Betting in this odds range can SERIOUSLY improve your profits.

So much so we have shown this add-on service to generate as high as £5640 a Month to your profits.

YES, we made a slightly lower return per bet. However the strike rate for Steve’s bets is higher.

Critics of favourites will often have the arguement. Well that was “obvious”, or “anyone can
pick favourites”

The fact is VERY few people profit when backing favourites, as they have completely the wrong

The untrained bettor will go into their betting account analyse a betting match and then come to
a conclusion about the most likely outcome. Usually based on some kind of form reading.

Now this is good practice. It sure beats picking your bets out of a hat!

However what is vital when backing favourites is to be backing at odds that are greater than the bookie is giving.

We do not want to back “false favourites”. The bookie is sometimes wrong, and some more established teams
are often over bet by the betting market which influence odds which do not match the form. The bookies can
also be over cautious (or greedy!) and price things poorly.

What we know and practise at Football Value Tips is having a profit margin in the odds is the only way to beat the bookie.

Even at odds of evens this is possible. Contrary to what some may think represents value in the market.





With the Football Winner Upgrade you can potential make an extra £5640 a Month!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”940″]Football Betting shouldn’t take a lot of your time up.

No one wants to spend hours working out complicated statistics and trawling
the internet for the latest news on numerous teams and players.

Let us do the hard work and we will send you our weekly tips to follow
that will literally take you 5 minutes to place.

Some tipsters like to tip everything under the sun, these guys are hard to follow and
more often than not bet for the sake of it and eventually lose.

The Value Football Tips service is highly selective and gives only the best bets.

We spend painstainkly long hours preparing long lists and scruntinising the choices so what your
left with is the creme de la creme. The very best bets of the week.

The service is perfect to follow if you have a job, family or other commitments. Or simply have better
more enjoyable ways to spend your time such as getting your bet on, watching the game and collecting
your winnings!





The Football Winner Service Gives You…

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Here are some of the incredible features on offer when you join our betting club…


  • Huge Monthly Profits

    The upgrade service gives you consistent extra profits each month. Its a great addition to the main service and perfect for those who like different ways of profiting.

  • High Strike Rate = Very Few Losers

    No one likes to lose. The beauty of the Football Winner service is you will see winner after winner. With a 61% strike rate, this is the perfect service for the risk averse who like to keep their betting balance high.

  • Only Takes 5-10 Minutes a Week to Profit!

    This upgrade service just like our main service only takes 5-10 minutes of your time a week. Forget faffing about with complex bets, we do all the work for you!

  • Incredible Support

    By taking the upgrade we realise you are making a serious investment. We will be at your beckon call. Any advice you need about betting we are only an email away. We want to help you profit.

100% 60 Day Refund Guarantee

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”556″] 

To ensure you can try out Football Value Tips betting service risk free we offer a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

If within the first 60 days of purchase you decide these tips are not for you, simply email us and we will give you a full refund.[/text_block]

Introductory Offer – Save 63%!

Get Started Today, Select an Option Below…



  • Only £3.08 a Month!




  • 100% Money Back Guarantee




  • Exclusive Members Offer!



What Our Upgrade Offer Gives You:

  • Full Access to our Upgrade Football Winner Tips
  • Make up to £5640 extra a Month!
  • Tips Given 52 Weeks a Year!
  • European League Specialist
  • Genuine professional service with full email support.

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One Off Annual Payment of £37 – 12 Month Subscription – Exclusive Offer


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  • Q.What stakes are required to profit?

    A.We use a points system to ensure that you can bet at the stake that you are comfortable with. Bets will be between 1 and 5 points. We recommend you have a 100 point starting bank. So typically a bet is between 1% and 5% of your total betting bank.

  • Q.Will I be able to bet from my country?

    A.Football betting is accessible worldwide so long as you have access to a bookmaker you can follow our tips. We tend to bet on a variety of markets such as 1X2, Anytime Goalscorer, Double Chance etc. So please ensure your bookie covers these.

  • Q.How do I access the tips?

    A.The tips are sent via email. Once you join you will receive our tips emails.

  • Q.When will I receive email tips?

    A.We will send you tips Friday around midday. This will give you plenty of time to get your bets on. We will send on other days when the fixtures demand this e.g. tournaments and international fixtures.

  • Q.How long are your losing runs?

    A.We are a low risk service and tend to have very short losing periods. As with all investments its important to not get too worried if you have a losing week, in the long term if you are betting at advantageous odds you can’t lose.

  • Q.I know nothing about football, can I still profit?

    A.Yes, of course! It doesn’t really matter what your level of experience of skill you can still profit.

  • Q.I’ve tried tipsters in the past and I never make a profit, will this work for me?

    A.Based on our past results we fully expect to make a profit. We have a team with years of experience of football betting so you are in safe hands.

  • Q.If I don’t like the service can I cancel?

    A.Yes of course. You may cancel anytime if the service is not for you. We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

  • Q.How much time do I need to profit

    A.Some tipster churn out bets to make it look like they are super profitable, when in fact they are making very low margins. We are the opposite. We are highly selective in what we tip, this makes the service very easy to manage. It will take you 5-10 minutes a week to follow us.

  • Q.How many tips will I get a week?

    A.We are a highly selective and profitable service. We give 6 selections a week usually. Although we will tip more on certain occassions.

  • Q.What do I do if I don’t know how to place the bets?

    A.Simply email us and we will guide you through how to place the bets. For people who are used to sports betting you will find the process extremely easy. We don’t tip complicated bets.

  • Q.I have further questions can we have a chat?

    A.Sure. Simply email me by clicking the contact link on this page. We are available between 9-5pm Monday – Friday to answer your queries.