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Betfred Beat the Clock – 30 Minute Limit Promo

This promo is a new and innovative way to bet on football. Simply visit Betfred below and choose 3 matches that will have a goal in the first 30 minutes. If you get it right you get paid out at 9/2!

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Making money in football can be very difficult for novice punters, especially for those who have no idea of how to read a football match. This offer is perfect for those who need an alternative to the typical trebles or multiple bets. The promo is for the first 30 minutes is an easy way to win in such a short time frame.

Who is this promo for?

For punters who do not want to wait the 90 minutes of a football match. The promo indicates that there must be a goal before the 30 minutes mark. Punters who need fast money should use this option. This promo can make a person earn a lot of money if you find football matches with the best potential to score goals before the 30 minutes.

What would be the best strategy to use this promo?

Search for matches where a favorite or powerful team plays against a weaker one. It is very easy to wait on weekends for the best matches in the EPL for example, there are match where teams can score up to 2-3 goals before the 30th minute. Reading of statistics is required to exploit this promo, simply search matches with best potential goals.

Remember, the bet must be a treble. The punter has to look for 3 or more matches where 1 goal may occur before at least 30 minutes in each football match. During the week there are many opportunities, especially in football leagues in the UK and Europe, mondays there is a huge amount of games with high chances of goals, especially in: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, North Ireland, Norway, etc.

How this promo works?

It is very easy to understand this promotion from Betfred. Choosing a treble, 3 football matches at least one goal in every match should appear before the 30th minutes, without exception. Having achieved one goal in each of the matches, the treble will be a winner and pay with odds of 9/2 for three selections.

The same promotion has another mode, is almost the same but in the final minutes. Every football game should have one goal in the last 20 minutes, from 70 to 90. It is a little more risky, the odds are the same.

What are the terms and conditions?

– For both modalities must select a minimum of 3 football matches, which will be a treble with odds of 9/4. The promotion also features selections 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 odds for football matches.

– For the trebles of 30 minutes, only the goals of the first 30 minutes of the match will be counted, 30 minutes included (ends at 31th). In the bet in the last 20 minutes will count 20 minutes from 71 minutes to 90.

It’s easy choose 3 football games and use them to make money with goals. This bookmaker offers its users and punters a new way to earn money without much risk, it is true, this promo is practically a gift.

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